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Day 1 - San Pedro Sula and Omoa

posted Jan 24, 2014, 3:25 PM by President EWB LSU   [ updated Jan 25, 2014, 6:09 AM ]

1/23/14 Thursday


 37,000 feet! We are flying into San Pedro Sula (S.P.S.) right now and are planning to meet our driver at 1pm to head to UNITEC’s campus in S.P.S. We will meet with students and faculty to learn more about their engineering program and tell them more about our programs and what EWB-LSU would like to do in the future in Honduras. After the meeting with the students and faculty, we will head to Omoa, which is a town on the coast. There, we will enjoy dinner and visit with the Alcalde to learn more about the needs in Omoa.



There are trees and plants uninterrupted for miles and miles. It is incredible to see the overwhelming amount of green. There is so much space between cities here too, and not very many roads.



Landed in San Pedro Sula! Customs was very strange – not at all what one would experience in the US or in Europe. There was not much structure or order and when the bags went through the scanners again, the security officers did not pay much attention. The airport here is also very small and cramped.



UNITEC’s campus is very nice! They just moved into the building about 2 weeks ago, and it is very modern and nice. They have a “Rec-Zen” which has a food court on the lower floor and an area for recreation on the second floor. Some of the foods that they had were very American such as hamburgers and pizza (and pizza in a cone!) as well as a salad and wrap shop, but they also had enchiladas and baleadas and other Honduran foods.



Just got out of our meeting with the students and faculty in Civil Engineering (ingenieria Civil). Two of the students are participating in the 2+2 program with LSU where they attend UNITEC for two years and then LSU for the next two years and graduate with an LSU degree. There are currently only two programs that are set up this way: civil and industrial. Other students were part of their equivalent ASCE and E-Council. and Twitter: @UNITEC_hn


Met with the Alcalde of Omoa over dinner to discuss the problems facing Omoa. The major problem there is waste / trash. They do not have anything in place to take care of the waste, so it is just brought to one location and left there. There is a river that separates Honduras and Guatemala which carries a lot of trash. When it rains, the trash ends up on the beaches. The community members also wonder what is happening tot heir beaches which are disappearing / getting smaller.