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Day 2 - San Pedro Zacapa

posted Jan 25, 2014, 6:22 AM by President EWB LSU
1/24/14 Friday

En route to Zacapa. The night was quite interesting because the walls do not have much insulation. We were able to hear all of the sounds of nature throughout the night, including the ocean.

We have arrived in Zacapa! Our plan for the day is to spend 10:30-12:30 in a large meeting similar to a town hall where people will discuss the needs of the community in detail. We will break for lunch and then reconvene at 2 to discuss the priority of the needs and discuss potential solutions and allow the community members to express their opinions on what is most needed.

Phones go off all the time on loud volume and no one cares or hurries to silence the phone. People also talk to one another throughout the presentations and no one takes notice. It is very different from U.S. meetings in that sense, but everything else was the same.

Notes on the meetings will come soon.

After we returned from the meetings and rediscovered the internet (finally), we ventured out into Zacapa to learn more and see some of the needs up close and with our own eyes. We walked across a bridge which Olmin Zapata explained was only a little over a month old. The previous bridge was destroyed in a flood and they laughed read access for years before finally getting this bridge. We noticed PVC piping strung up in the trees that was explained to be fresh water coming from the top of the mountain and is considered to be very clean.
Further down the road, we noticed fireflies in all of the surrounding grass! We weren't able to get it on video, but it was very cool and beautiful to see so many surrounding us in the darkness.

We spent the late night talking with Manuel, a Civil Engineer from UNITEC at Tegucigalpa. He would like to study Civil Engineering at LSU for his Master's. He will spend Saturday and Sunday with us in Zacapa and La Ceiba. We were able to ask a lot of questions and get a lot of information while also discussing the U.S. and how different it is for us and our classes.